Banking Careers 101

Each year the Young Bankers Division coordinates an annual educational banking program.  Banking Careers 101 is designed to help students with banking, finance and accounting interest learn more about the world of banking.  Our industry is about more than just numbers and opening accounts.  Not only do our bankers help with financial needs, but they are also very well-respected and active within their communities.  Our goal is to recruit and attract bright, young talent to become part of this rewarding career.
Here is what some former attendees had to say:
“The advice given by the bankers was most beneficial.  This conference helped me out tremendously.”
“It was truly a pleasure.  You all blew my expectations away.  Next year I will definitely push my career center to get more individuals to attend.”
“We enjoyed yesterday. Our students could not stop talking about the experience.  Thank you for including us in this great experience.”