In conjunction with our government relations advocacy efforts, the SCBA has created two separate PAC’s (one state, and one federal) to support those candidates who best understand and support issues important to the banking industry.

Anyone who shares an interest in the future of the banking industry and wishes to preserve the important role of banks in our economy and our communities should contribute annually to one of our PACs.


SCBA Federal PAC

The SCBA Federal PAC is governed by federal election laws.

These laws are much stricter than state laws governing political contributions. Only individuals may contribute to the SCBA Federal PAC. These personal contributions are used exclusively to support federal candidates such as candidates for the US House and US Senate.


The SCBA State PAC is governed by state election laws.

These laws allow for both personal and corporate contributions. However, nationally chartered banks and their holding companies are prohibited by federal law from contributing to the State PAC. Non-bank affiliates of nationally chartered banks are not included in that prohibition and may contribute. All State PAC funds are used to support candidates for the South Carolina State Legislature and for Constitutional Officers.

*Political action committee is for members of the SCBA only.