Financial Literacy Resources

Customizable Press Release Offers Financial Tips for College Freshman

As freshmen across the country begin their first semester of college, American Bankers Association (ABA) has developed a customizable press release that bankers can use to highlight tips to help them make the transition to financial independence. These tips include creating a budget, tracking spending, saving a little each month, opening an interest-bearing account and more. Download the press release.

The SCBA Recommends:

  • Pictures Are Worth 1000+ Words— Take many pictures during financial literacy-related presentations.  Share them with SCBA to be published in Palmetto Banker!
  • Local Media— Try contacting your local media to document your time volunteering.  Positive press is GREAT!
  • Go To The Students— Connect to the students on a level they understand.  Start a social media page (Twitter/Facebook…) that your bank will update frequently with updates, newsletters, event happenings, etc.