Palmetto Scholarship Q & A

Q & A

Q. My child will be a junior next fall. May they apply?
A. Yes! The student must be a rising junior or rising senior in college to be eligible for the award. This might mean that they apply during the spring of their sophomore year and that is okay! The checks are awarded in May of each year in order to be used the following school year.

Q. My child applied last year. May they apply again?
A. As long as your child still meets the requirements, they are welcome and encouraged to apply again. To make it fair, we change the mini-essays each year.

Q. I am a grandparent of a student that meets these requirements. Can my grandchild apply?
A. No. At this time, the scholarship recipients must be children, not grandchildren.

Q. I am a legal guardian of a student that meets the requirements. Does this count?
A. Yes! Legal guardians of a student that work at a member bank counts.

Q. My child is in high school. May they apply?
A. No. Only rising juniors or seniors in college may apply.

Q. Does it matter how many hours the parent works at the member bank?
A. No. The parent can be either part- or full-time.

Q. Are there any requirements necessary for the letter of recommendation?
A. There are no specific requirements for the letter of recommendation. 

Q. My professor prefers to send the letter of recommendation directly to you. Where should they send it?
A. That is perfectly fine if the professor prefers to send their letter of recommendation to us directly. You may have them email it directly to OR mail it to:
Caroline Snijders
Palmetto Scholarship
PO Box 1483
Columbia, SC 29202

If you have a question that you do not see addressed, please email Caroline Snijders at