Every legislative session becomes more and more competitive, making it harder to protect the interests of the banks in South Carolina.  Because of this, the South Carolina Bankers Association has developed a Contact Bankers Network through which we can strengthen our efforts and develop a more powerful voice in the South Carolina General Assembly and the United States Congress.
When you join the Contact Bankers Network you will be kept informed of current legislative issues so that when asked you can make contact with your local legislator to relay the views of the banking industry.  When dealing with legislation, legislators often ask “What does this mean to the voters in my district?”  You, as the legislator’s constituent, can answer that question and make a difference.
Don’t miss the important opportunity to get involved in the SCBA’s grassroots program.  Help promote banking awareness to your legislator and let your voice be heard.
To become a Contact Banker, email your zip code and/or district and phone numbers to Neil Rashley at