SCBS – Third Year Bank Exec

Bank simulation information is posted at:

Bank group assignments are posted on the above presession webpage. Group members should email each other to ensure that each team is bringing at least one laptop computer with spreadsheet, presentation graphics, and word processing capabilities. You will need the computer to access the simulation and to prepare a presentation of your results. Additional computers are a plus since multiple team members may sign into the model simultaneously, and extra computers make it easier to complete the presentation. Some groups also bring a small printer and paper, but it is not a requirement.

To help you prepare for the simulation I have recorded several presentations and posted them online. The presentations go hand-in-hand with two short exercises so that you hit the ground running when we meet. Please understand that it will likely take three to four hours to view the presentations and complete the exercises. You can pause, rewind, or restart any of the activities whenever you like. You may also adjust the playback speed for the presentations as described in the “How the Presentations Work” discussion on the above webpage.

IMPORTANT: You are expected to view the presentations and complete the following two exercises. Failure to complete the presession activities will impact your bank’s performance.

1.      “Getting to Know BankExec” – Log into the simulation website, create a decision set, and become familiar with the site. The instructions are on the above webpage. As your instructor, I will be able to see that you have created the decision set. You do not need to print any of the information to bring with you.

2.      “Starting Point Financial Data Exercise” – Locate and record important financial data from the simulated bank’s initial financial documents. The document at the above webpage is a fillable pdf. You may print the document and manually record the listed items, or you may type the values into the fillable pdf. Bring a printed copy of the completed exercise with you to our first meeting at the SCBS. The information will be helpful when you make your first simulation decision.

If you have any questions, please let me know. The best way to contact me is by email or by texting me on my cell phone.

I look forward to working with everyone.

Ron Best

Cell: 678-378-8573