SCBA Federal PAC

All senior level bank personnel and bank board members should be invited to make a personal contribution to the SCBA Federal PAC. Those contributing $500 or more will be recognized through membership in the President’s Club.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Corporate Authorization

Each participating bank must sign and return the SCBA PAC Authorization Form before any employees of that bank are solicited to contribute to the SCBA Federal PAC. 

Please remember the following when signing the authorization:

  • A corporation may only make one election for a trade association PAC per year to make solicitations, but still may solicit for their own corporation’s PAC.
  • A corporation may not authorize any other trade association PAC to make solicitations for the calendar year listed on the form.

REMEMBER – Contributions to any PAC fund is voluntary. No form of coercion should be used to obtain a contribution. Contributions to any political action committee are not deductible as charitable contributions.